About Us


Jeff - President

 Lucia Lucia - Administration, Sales, Decorating & Design
 Doug Doug - Retail Associate  
Rob - Retail Associate/Plumbing Expert


  • Jeff & Lucia purchased the 14 year old business in 1991 located on Young St.
  • The need for more space for showrooms required them to move and they relocated to the old Simcoe Tire Building 85 Water St. in 1995.
  • Currently there is over 4,000 square feet of show room
  • The store stocks an average of 30 acrylic tubs, showers, tub & shower combinations, and whirlpools.
  • There are many models of toilets in stock.
  • As well as faucets, vanities, vanities, pedestals, special needs accessories, counter tops, and much more…

Organizations We Are Involved With

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